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The machine type KB212 is the most twin-head professional needle braiding machine, versatile, reliable, and very long-lasting machine.
It works simultaneously with two identical cylinders, left and right and with the correct and interchangeable equipment it can produce cords with or without core inside from a diameter of 1,5/2mm up to 12,5mm.
In according to its optional accessories, upon demand, it can realize elastic cords and flat cords, have a meter-counter and some winding system device.
The main head movements are inside a oil bath box, so it is a very silent machine, with a maintenance nearly inexistence, adapted to work 24 hours per day in absence of the operator.
One take down system for both the outlets that don’t press the final product, working with an alternate current motor-reducer driven by an inverter with a multi-turnings potentiometer with allows a fine regulation of the speed of production and an easily repeatability of it. It maintains the roundness quality of the cord.
The principal motor drives the head movements that runs with 1000 strokes per minute.
The KB212 works with a system of an alternate turning cylinder and not a rotating yarn-guide: this allows a more easily charging of the machines without the twisting of the yarn-ends.
Equipped with a yarn control system with the stop-motion of the work in case of break or lack of yarn, it has got a system of two arms that bring the final cord out of the machine body, to make easily the filling of specific final products customer boxes.
Perfect for processing cotton, PES, PP, and all the other natural and synthetic yarn. Available a special version of the machine able to work the fiber-glass.



Perfect for processing cotton, PES, PP, and all the other natural and synthetic yarn

Noiseless, reliable, built to EC safety standards and complying with the most recent international safety rules

Adapted to work 24 hours per day in absence of the operator

Versatile and longlasting machine

1000 strokes per minute

Standard power supply: 230V single phase – 230/400V three phase 50/60HZ (other voltages available upon request)


The standard KB212 edition includes a pair of arms for guiding the exit of the cord falling to floor, and it is prepared for assembly upon demand of the following optional accessories:

• winding device for flanged bobbins up to 300 x 300 mm
• rubber core feeder for elastic cord production
• heatsetting-device for flat cord production
• feeler motion for checking final product uniformity
• programmable electronic meter counter
• bobbin creel.


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